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Smart policy and procedure management

Smart policy
and procedure management

Meet regulatory obligations and strengthen
governance with Clausematch.

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Stay on top of compliance

Clausematch helps companies stay compliant in a complex business landscape by providing a single source of truth to host, manage and disseminate all policies and procedures across the organization, in real time, with a full audit trail.

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Trusted by leading organizations across Financial Services, FinTechs, Insurers, and other highly regulated industries around the world

“The formatting of policies and the audit trail on Clausematch are really helpful. The way the platform works avoids a fragmented approach to naming, tagging, structuring and formatting compliance documents.”


Stuart Esslemont Global Head of Compliance

“We have been impressed by the Clausematch team throughout our interactions with them. They have been extremely helpful, engaging and thorough in understanding our business so they can best support us in our goals.”


Ben Lowing Risk & Compliance Director

“We are delighted to be working with Clausematch to enhance our policy management solution. They will be able to support us in managing the critical evolution of our policies and procedures as we continue to grow and expand.”

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Tanya Ziv Chief Compliance Officer

"The Clausematch platform allows us to avoid a fragmented approach to naming, tagging, structuring and formatting compliance documents thus avoiding risks and keeping everything in a single dynamic repository.”

Arbuthnot Latham-1

Jamie Day Head of Operational Risk

“Clausematch gives us very clear and granular evidence throughout the entire drafting process. It provides a complete history of the document in the document itself. All the different versions are at the same link, in the same folder, and you know everyone is working on the correct material - it's hugely helpful."


Rupert Whitten Chief Operating Officer

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