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April 6, 2022

How to master attestations in Clausematch

Emma Kempton
VP of Account Management

We recently sat down with Emma Kempton, VP of Account Management at Clausematch, to walk through how Clausematch’s Policy Portal for Attestations helps organizations disseminate company policies, ensuring staff are aware and compliant with them.

Excerpt from video:

If policies are difficult to locate, employees will be less likely to read them. Clausematch’s Policy Portal provides a centralized repository for all organizational policies created and maintained in Clausematch.

Clausematch's Policy Portal makes it simple to publish and disseminate policies within the organization, conduct attestations, and gather and address employees' feedback.

Policy attestation allows the company to make sure all staff understand their responsibilities and for the company to track their adherence to policies and procedures.

To create a Policy Attestation in Clausematch you simply need to:

  • Find the document you want users to attest to in the Library of Policy Portal.
  • Select a due date and add users who will be attesting.
  • Once this step is complete, a new attestation will be added. Email notifications will prompt users to complete the attestation.

Once the policy attestation has been created, employees can attest a document in a few easy steps:

  • From the Policy Portal, employees can find the document they need to read and attest to either by clicking straight from their notification email or in the pending attestations tab. Once they find the document, they can click on the document name to open it.
  • After having read the document, they can ask any questions they may have on a particular document or paragraph. 
  • Once they are happy with the information, they can scroll to the bottom and tick the checkbox “I agree that I have read and understood the information” and press Confirm.
  • They will get the message Attestation confirmation passed successfully.

Graphic reports available on the Policy Portal provide an overview of the attestation status for the entire organization or for the selected documents and employees.

Clausematch's Policy Portal provides three key benefits for organizations:

  • A single current version of all documents in one location
  • An intuitive platform for all employees to access and find documents
  • A straightforward process where attestations can be performed and evidenced

Click here to watch the full video.