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April 6, 2022

Russell Davies, Enterprise Sales - EMEA, discusses his experience at Clausematch

Amanda Brief
Marketing Director, Clausematch

Russell Davies works in Enterprise Sales for the EMEA region at Clausematch. We recently sat down with Russell to learn more about his role at Clausematch.

What is your role at Clausematch and what does it entail?

I’m in Enterprise Sales. It involves generating, acquiring, and prospecting leads. With enterprise clients, although we look at revenue, the main driving factor is companies with >5000 employees. My role is to target Tier 1 banks initially starting with the top 30 or so in Europe whilst looking into the rest of the EMEA market. I am also working with Australian and New Zealand companies. The role is not limited to banks as we look to infiltrate other highly regulated markets such as Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and so on.  

What were you doing before joining the Clausematch team? 

Before Clausematch, I was working as a Commercial Director for a company that insourced, outsourced, and provided private services to the National Health Service (NHS) and other private hospitals in an attempt to help healthcare deal with the ever-growing list of elective procedures being cancelled due to lack of capacity in NHS Trusts and Private Companies such as BUPA.  

Why did you decide to join Clausematch?  

I previously worked for a FinTech startup called Neyber, which was a company launched by Goldman Sachs. I have always been interested in seeing how financial technology and innovation can streamline banks and other organisations’ financial capability, whether it be due to implementing slicker and more efficient financial controls, assisting in financial education, or improving the accounting and financial reporting capabilities of an organisation. I have a background in Medicine, Law and RCM so Clausematch allows me to use my analytical and sales skills while keeping a close eye on compliance and regulation. It’s the perfect opportunity!

What project/s are you most proud of?

Recently, I have been organising and establishing a number of Covid-19 vaccination clinics during the peak of the pandemic. This was a large logistical exercise which involved coordinating clinics across three Clinical Commissioning Groups in Kent.   

What advice would you give to a future Clausematch employee?

Be prepared to work hard and learn fast.  Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions - This is probably one of my weaknesses as I do not ask enough.  Look forward to joining a fast-growing RegTech company that employs individuals from diverse backgrounds and is truly a market leader in the Policy Management and Regulatory Change Management space.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I am training to get my Private Pilots Licence learning in a Piper Archer (P28A). After getting my licence, I will continue to acquire aviation knowledge such as Instrument Rating. This is when you learn to fly blind relying on the instrumentation of the plane, a qualification you can only go for once you have your licence. I’m also learning to fly twin rota planes with a view to learning how to fly a Jet. This is purely a hobby, but I find it extremely therapeutic and above all great fun!

In addition to flying, I also enjoy playing rugby. I played for England Universities and professionally for London Welsh RFC.