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April 6, 2022

White Labelling: Why Do It?

Filipp Polonskiy
Junior Deployment Manager at ClauseMatch

At Clausematch, we believe that the key to success is both in developing products that are future-proofed and services that are client-orientated.

Understanding the market is crucial. We evaluate existing products on the market and closely review best practices to ensure we exceed industry standards. We often speak with our clients and industry experts to deliver solutions that add value to our potential users. From this, we have come up with some important findings.

So why White Labelling?

First of all, organisational behaviour and culture are important factors when embedding new technology. As many of our clients have legacy systems, we are committed to supporting them in this transition. The challenge for users is to adjust their working style and to accommodate this, it is crucial that the platform is a bespoke solution for them. We believe that by creating this sub-product, we add value to our partners and clients. Our solution is built to integrate with existing systems as a component of a greater solution stack. This is achieved by setting up the environment to make the transition of all the compliance workflows to the cloud-based AI platform as convenient and smooth as it can be, without making it feel like a third-party solution.

Secondly, if we are talking about a client service provider, branding the platform to their specifications can support much wider adoption of RegTech within the industry. It can be as simple as having their logo visible on the platform. Therefore, the ability to adapt and configure the Software as a Service (SaaS) not only creates a positive journey for the client today but ensures the platform can meet future requirements.

Finally, it's important to know the needs of our clients and partners to ensure we continue to deliver a product fit to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. Our team is constantly evaluating, researching and discussing the trends to ensure that ClauseMatch stays at the cutting edge of innovation.

Once we understood how we could add value for our partners and clients, our team step-by-step developed a White-Labelling product and made it available for all our customers. This is how ClauseMatch has come to offer a range of white labelling options available for different purposes.

Meet Gemserv – The first Company to Implement ClauseMatch White Labelling

The first company to implement our White Labelling was one of our strategic partners, Gemserv, a consultancy and an expert provider of professional services, who expressed an interest in our solution. After the implementation of our White Labelling solution, we asked for feedback.

"Early on in our engagement with ClauseMatch we saw the value of being able to offer the platform through white labelling across a number of our industries," says Jahan Haroon, Head of CodeWorks at Gemserv. "ClauseMatch were able to set up the white labelling and create instances which are allowing us to deliver value in both regulatory and policy management across a number of clients.

Their technology supplemented with Gemserv's regulatory and market expertise is a powerful combination that allows us to meet the demands of our clients and of the markets we specialise in. This partnership along with others has helped us achieve a digitally-enabled transformation in how we offer value to clients and is rapidly becoming a cornerstone for our future strategy".

Jahan Haroon
Head of Codeworks at Gemserv

We are happy that we could help our partners add value to their service offering and promote the use of regulatory technology. As a result of this cooperation, the RegTech platform Codeworks powered by ClauseMatch technology has been shortlisted for the Energy Institute Innovative Technology Award 2020!

White Labelling on the ClauseMatch Platform

White Labelling is a very wide topic. In order to allow our clients and partners to choose what is really crucial for them, White Labelling is a core part of our service offering. The options offered in our White Labelling solution are:

  • Using Client's Logo

  • Ability to use Client's colour scheme

  • Implementing customer's font

  • Custom URL

We are at the initial stage of developing our White Labelling offering and working on increasing our options that we plan to deliver as part of our Roadmap. We are happy to develop an individual custom solution in order to fulfil any specific requirements set by the client if needed.

For any further questions or additional info please reach out to us, so we can provide you with the specific documentation expanding on product, pricing, implementation, etc.