Slash compliance costs by
at least 30%

Businesses spend $270 billions a year on compliance. But most still struggle to keep up with the workload.

We are here to change that.

ClauseMatch is the smart policy management platform that helps:
Stop reliance on outdated, inefficient manual processes
Automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks
Break silos down and make communication and collaboration between departments simple and effortless
Create a clear and comprehensive audit trail, so you can prove compliance
Free up staff so they can stop reacting and start addressing compliance and other business-critical challenges more proactively.

Streamline your workflow

Create, edit, and approve documents in half the time, collaborate with ease, and store all your policies and procedures in one place for effortless access


Automatically manage versions and control who can access them


Start with a blank document, use a template, or upload existing documents


Collaboratively create and edit in real time, even if your teams aren't in the same building (or on the same continent)


Create taxonomies, reference data, tags, and hierarchies, including sorting documents by role or jurisdiction, so users can home in on what's relevant to them

Tackle regulatory change

Whether you're implementing new rules, undergoing remediation, launching new products, or expanding into new jurisdictions, ClauseMatch is designed to help your business adapt more quickly in a continually shifting landscape.


Use natural language processing to evaluate your current policies and procedures' quality and spot duplicate content


Record regulatory events, help assess the impact of regulatory changes, and create an implementation workflow for new rules, regulatory updates, and refreshes — from task setting, deadlines, and version control, to approvals and dissemination


Automatically map and manage relationships between the content in regulatory summaries, standards, policies, and procedures, down to paragraph level


Help you improve and expand your documents via direct feedback from the people that matter most — those who implement your policies

Prove you're compliant

ClauseMatch creates a clear audit trail every step of the way, so you can show you have a solid process in place and leave regulators and other stakeholders with no doubt you're compliant:


Track who has — or hasn't — read them and conduct staff training


Get automatic change notifications, updates, and status reports


Disseminate the latest versions of your policies and procedures from one place


Discover any gaps in policy coverage

All your policies and procedures in one place
Other platform
Dynamic linking of relevant paragraphs in related documents
Intelligent tagging and display management
Configurable policy lifecycle management framework
Email notifications
Built-in version control
Collaborative real-time editing
Dissemination, attestation, feedback, and assessment

The smart SaaS platform that grows with your business

Start with as little as 5 users
Dedicated implementation team, plus on-site or remote training
ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications
99.99% server uptime
Round the clock support, with 2-hour response times for critical issues
Automatic updates and frequent new feature releases
Comprehensive API for easy integration

Key Features

Policy portal with role-based dashboard and full document lifecycle management
AI-powered content analysis, mapping, tagging, and relevance filtering, and structured text
Smart, real-time collaborative online editor, including paragraph-level commenting, suggesting, and red- lining
Task management dashboard, exceptions, and automatic version control
Approval framework with configurable stages, reviewers, and approvers
Compliance assessments, readership attestation, and reporting
Compliance assessments, readership attestation, and reporting
API integrations

Industry awards & recognition

"We are delighted to be working in partnership with Clausematch for the benefit of the wider energy market. Gemserv's knowledge of industry regulation and governance, underpinned by the regulatory and technological expertise of Clausematch, led to the development of an energy industry first with the launch of Codeworks."

Project Manager,

"Clausematch gets outstanding results, even in markets with entrenched processes. I'd encourage any insurance company to look at them. You'll very quickly realize how strong the value proposition is."

Managing director, Barbican Group Operations Services
Neil McGeachie

Who is Clausematch?

ClauseMatch is an award-winning RegTech company founded in 2012. Our tech marries machine learning with a deep understanding of the regulatory lifecycle to make compliance simpler, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

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