Policy portal
for compliance teams

Engage your employees interactions with compliance and policy management by making sure they have easy access to essential content, relevant to them, at any time.


Solution Overview

Easily take control of your employees' policy engagement with a user-friendly policy portal that lets you quickly disseminate your latest updates across your organisation, train staff more effectively, and easily track compliance with company processes. All from one place.
This is leaving your business constantly exposed to high risk of non compliance.

Many businesses lack the ability to successfully track employee engagement with policies, to ensure that staff are aware and compliant with them. Employees struggle to find information relevant to them, wasting time searching and trying to interpret and understand what they have to do.

This is leaving your business constantly exposed to high risk of non compliance.


More engagement, more compliance
Increase employee engagement with company policies by replacing walls of dry text with straightforward, easily-accessible instructions and compelling interactive training your staff will enjoy
Keep clearer rules for everyone
No more doubts, discrepancies, or confusion. Build a single, up-to-date repository of your organisation's policies and procedures that staff can access from anywhere, anytime
Easily integrate with your HR systems
Build custom integrations and connect ClauseMatch to your legacy infrastructure or other third party software with our comprehensive API
Seamless onboarding
We'll help you manage the transition to our platform from start to finish and provide comprehensive on-site or remote training
Keep your data secured
Your data is highly secure on our certified ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 platform, with the security and quality management systems meeting stringent international standards
Stay on track
Find out who has read your policies and procedures and who hasn't, enable your staff to enhance their knowledge by asking the SME questions directly, and identify any gaps in compliance


Relevant content
My Policies gives you a dashboard view of documents relevant to you and gives you the option to setup your favourites to allow quicker access to your most important content
Search and filter
The folder system gives you a hierarchy of the organisation and enables you to create bespoke folders that match your company's organisational structure
Easily notify key stakeholders
Update key stakeholders with any policy updates and changes with a click of a button
Easily see who has read and attested to the relevant policies on time, or who has missed their deadline and needs a reminder
Employees can leave their questions and comments on the published document for the document owner to address
Comprehensive Audit trail
Automatically keep a full audit trail of attestations from your company staff on the latest versions of relevant policies

How it Works


Give your staff instant access to the most up-to-date versions of your policies and procedures, so there can be no confusion about which rules are in force

Dynamic linking

Content tagging and filtering, advanced search, and other powerful cross-referencing features let your staff quickly home in on the content that's relevant to them

Easy Attestation
and Assessment

Track policy adherence without lifting a finger. Our platform monitors who's read your policies and procedures, tests their knowledge and creates assessment reports with a compliance score

Take control
of your compliance

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