Read. Understood. Attested

Don't leave your policies and procedures gathering dust on a shelf. Take control of the process with the user-friendly policy portal that lets you quickly disseminate your latest updates across your organisation, train staff more effectively, and easily track compliance.

More Engagement,
More Compliance

Who said compliance has to be boring? Replace walls of dry text with straightforward, easily-accessible instructions and compelling interactive training your staff will enjoy

Clearer Rules
For Everyone

No more doubts, discrepancies, or confusion. Build a single, up-to-date repository of your organisation's policies and procedures that staff can access from anywhere, anytime

On Track

Find out who has read your policies and procedures and who hasn't, test your staff's knowledge, and identify any gaps in compliance

Regulation that Works for Everyone

How it Works


Give your staff instant access to the most up-to-date versions of your policies and procedures, so there can be no confusion about which rules are in force.

Dynamic linking

Content tagging and filtering, advanced search, and other powerful cross-referencing features let your staff quickly home in on the content that's relevant to them

Easy Attestation
and Assessment

Track policy adherence without lifting a finger. Our platform monitors who's read your policies and procedures, tests their knowledge and creates assessment reports with a compliance score

Take control
of your compliance

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