New regulations, changes and enforcement actions are inevitable. Disruption isn't.

With Clausematch, you can get in front of the latest regulatory developments, collaborate, and manage change across your organization without grinding operations to a halt — from initial assessment through to implementation and attestation.

Tackle Regulatory Change with Confidence


Streamline your workflow once and for all. Build an efficient, repeatable, verifiable process you can rely on time after time, whether you're adapting to change or addressing new circumstances.


Don't let anything fall through the cracks. With our platform, you can analyze new regulations and updates, assess their impact across your organization, map out implementation timelines, and keep track of your progress, so you're always on top of the rules in every jurisdiction you operate in.


You're in the driver's seat. Get alerted to the latest updates, be prepared, and adapt more quickly in an ever-shifting regulatory landscape, no matter what challenges your organization faces.

How it Works

Super simple setup

No process is too complex. Start straight away with templates and stock frameworks, or build a custom workflow that mirrors your exact implementation journey.

Effortless collaboration

Goodbye, silos. Create team-specific workspaces with bespoke templates, documents, workflow stages, and artifacts, so everyone can collaborate on documents from one place.

Sophisticated mapping

Map regulatory obligations and controls to policies from the paragraph level using AI and machine learning.

Powerful integrations

Track the status of your change management projects at a glance, from action items to business-critical or regulatory deadlines.

Take control of your compliance

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