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Policy and Procedure Management for Insurance




Mitigate your compliance risks so that you can focus on what you do best - helping your customers manage the risks in their lives 

Insurance companies face more regulations than ever before, which means they also face additional risks for non-compliance. Establishing a robust compliance program that is malleable enough to pivot and adapt to new regulations and market changes at speed is not a nice to have, it’s an absolute must-have.

Relying on legacy systems and generic tools just won’t do the trick anymore. Clausematch provides a modern, agile platform that enables insurance companies like yours to seamlessly create, manage, update and distribute policies, procedures and other business-critical documents. By automating what were once manual, time-consuming processes, we allow them to focus on what they do better - protecting customers from the risks in their lives, while cutting compliance costs by up to 30%.

Why you should act now

Digitize compliance

Why invest in a policy and procedure management solution

It’s time to modernize your middle and back office. The insurance industry is evolving quickly and your compliance technology must be able to keep up with the pace.

A policy and procedure management solution provides insurers the tool they need to leave manual processes and human error behind and manage compliance centrally, seamlessly and at the speed of the market.

Why Clausematch

Our platform allows insurers from across the globe to simplify compliance by offering a single source of truth for policy and procedure management and distribution across the organization.


Strengthen governance

Why invest in a policy and procedure management solution

When you have to manage thousands of documents, across different geographies and functions, it is difficult and ineffective to manually track dependencies between policies, procedures and controls. 

Having a specialized platform in place allows you to automate these processes and make sure that no relevant document is left untouched when regulations or business strategies change, and that the right actions are being taken across the organization.

Why Clausematch

Leverage Clausematch’s advanced metadata, and AI-powered mapping and tagging capabilities to connect policies, procedures, and controls down to a granular, paragraph level, and make sure no document is outdated.


Automate document management

Why invest in a policy and procedure management solution

By leveraging a best-in-class policy and procedure management solution, insurers can free up their teams to focus on strategic tasks and prevent human error in business-critical document management. 

Why Clausematch

No more back and forth of emails and manual processes. With Clausematch, you can seamlessly manage your policies and procedures, and free up your team to focus on what they do best, protecting your customers. 


Standardize documents

Why invest in a policy and procedure management solution

Compliance, risk and audit functions can no longer afford to work separately and have different standards to policies and procedures. 

A modern solution helps insurers manage all relevant documents centrally and prevent different approaches from being adopted across different functions and geographies.

Why Clausematch

Leverage Clausematch’s templates to ensure policies, procedures, and controls follow the same standard in terms of format, structure, and tone, across all departments, functions and locations.


Improve user experience

Why invest in a policy and procedure management solution

Managing policies and procedures manually, or utilizing generic tools that are not fit for purpose, requires your team to spend their time executing tedious, manual tasks.

By adopting a smart platform, you can provide a much better user experience, foster collaboration and allow staff to focus on adding value to the business.

Why Clausematch

Our user-friendly interface allows you to draft, edit, review, approve, publish, refresh, or archive policies, controls and procedures from one easy-to-access location and collaborate in real time, from anywhere with full version control, preventing versioning conflict at all stages.


6 reasons to invest in a policy and procedure management platform right now


Liability is getting increasingly personal

Chief Compliance Officers and Chief Risk Officers are being held personally accountable for lack of supervision when staff is unable to comply. It is, now more than ever, imperative that the whole organization has access to the information they need to perform their jobs, that a full audit trail of every document change is in place and that staff attestation is effectively recorded. With a policy and procedure management solution in place, you can have full control of every document’s management lifecycle.


Avoid fines and the hidden costs of a compliance incident Insurance companies across the globe are constantly being fined by compliance failures. There’s also the cost of investigations that is not usually mentioned by the media, as well as the costs of getting things fixed, ongoing reporting and monitoring. With an automated policy and procedure management system, you can make sure your compliance team is on top of regulatory updates and able to efficiently spread the word on what needs to be done to all members of staff.

Reputational damage can cascade into financial losses

Adopting the right compliance management technology can help you protect your company’s future, as failure to comply leads to reputational damage that can, on its turn, cause a domino effect, knocking down share prices and harming the company’s bottomline due to the loss of confidence from customers and partners. 


The Board is always looking for efficiencies and cost reduction Automating policy and procedure management has the potential to cut compliance costs by up to 30%, by reducing the back and forth in editing and approval processes, eliminating inefficiencies and allowing senior, more expensive staff to focus on strategic tasks.

Managing compliance across jurisdictions is complex Doing business across different geographies brings multiple challenges to driving compliance. You need to guarantee alignment between local requirements and group-level policies and with the volume of regulations we face today, manual processes won’t do the job.

Companies are imposing hiring freezes

By automating time-consuming, manual tasks, you can make sure your existing team is leveraged in the best possible way and is prepared to deal with an ever-increasing demand for compliance.

Meet some of our Insurance customers

See how Clausematch works with other insurance companies

Clausematch is trusted by insurance companies of different sizes and profiles across the globe. We work with large insurers and startups alike, and the ones in between, to help them achieve their business goals in full compliance. 

“We have been impressed by the Clausematch team throughout our interactions with them. They have been extremely helpful, engaging and thorough in understanding our business so they can best support us in our goals. The system itself is flexible and has been easily configurable to our needs, and through the implementation, we have learned how to ensure it is future-proofed for the continued growth in scale and complexity of our business.”


Ben Lowing Risk & Compliance Director

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