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ClauseMatch is the next generation enterprise document authoring, management and workflow platform


Create structured documents enhanced with smart fields and content library


Live document editing, commenting and approvals at paragraph level


Deliver full or partial content to any media or device based on user permissions


Control over negotiation process, critical event notifications, document timeline


Accelerated workflow with historical audit trail for approvals, comments and track changes

Data connectivity

Integration of variable data points in documents with legacy systems via API

See how we can speed policy document creation, targeting and acknowledgment

About Us

CM platform is built using the latest technologies and web standards to deliver granular document authoring, management and workflow collaboration process.
Document workflow in enterprise should be easy

Clausematch was created by a group of finance industry veterans, lawyers, accountants and technical people.

Dealing with contracts, policies and other documentation on a daily basis exposed the current ineffective operational controls, unstructured data systems and inability to respond to economic and regulatory events across the industry.

It seems that, while modern web services are providing people with new ways to collaborate on data, the tools currently used in enterprise for document management are stagnant and ineffective.

Our solution brings familiar interfaces and collaboration features from modern web applications and combines them with a granular approach to data management and extraction within documents.

We don't see a document as one entity but as a collection of paragraphs, data points, creators and consumers, all collaborating in parallel to create, approve, publish and analyse the data within documents.

This granular approach enables better and faster interaction between people and improves the ability to interface with other systems.

  • Evgeny Likhoded

    Founder, CEO

  • Yossi Abramov

    Founder, CTO

  • Andrey Dokuchaev



The possibilities are limitless.
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Investment Banking

CM delivers comprehensive single-platform solution for document authoring, templates, approvals, commenting, data points extraction, and fully digital and structured storage. Pre- and post-trade document lifecycles and data analytics are significantly improved.
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Risk & Compliance

CM end-to-end solution empowers policy and compliance teams to collaborate around corporate policies and responses to regulators. Structured publishing significantly reduces costs and enables targeted policy distribution and acknowledgement.
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Our tools create comprehensive environment for clients and lawyers to work on contracts. Clause library enables high quality industry standard document creation and knowledge sharing within your organisation.
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We streamline document throughput with vendors for procurement teams. Large engineering and research teams benefit from collaborative workflow on a single version for technical specifications.

Collaborate on prospectuses and offering memorandum


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