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Clausematch for Policy Governance



Ensure transparency, strengthen governance and drive efficiencies 

Managing a multitude of policies, procedures, obligations, controls and other business-critical documents can be daunting - but it doesn’t have to be. By leveraging Clausematch’s policy and procedure management technology, organizations are able to streamline document drafting, review, approval and distribution processes to improve efficiency, productivity, transparency and governance across functions and geographies. 

Our platform provides a single source of truth to host, manage, and disseminate governance documents. We allow teams to collaborate in real time, leveraging workflows, reminders and tasks functionalities, with a full audit trail, to make sure their organization is well-governed, compliant and, ultimately, successful. 

Clausematch’s key use cases for policy governance teams

Key benefits for policy governance teams

Build a single centralized repository for all governance documents
Drive insights and be audit-ready with pre-configured reports 
Align your approach to policies and procedures’ structure, look and feel, with pre-built templates
Leverage metadata, streamlined workflows and approval processes to better manage your documents

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