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Clausematch Policy Management Solution

Policy and Procedure Management

Fully-digital, streamlined policy and procedure management

Collaborate, create, manage, and review. In real time, with a complete audit trail and live insights.

Digitize document management

Clausematch allows you to collaborate in real time to create, manage, and review policies and procedures. It provides a single source of truth to manage and host your most important documents, with robust version control and a complete audit trail to demonstrate compliance.

The platform allows you to manage the whole policy and procedure management lifecycle, capturing real-time insights and producing reports so you can keep on top of review dates and approval deadlines, track staff adherence and oversee policies and procedures at each stage of the process.

Key benefits


Adapt faster Whether you need to comply with new rules or are looking to expand into new geographies or launch new products, Clausematch helps you quickly update and adapt your policies and procedures, with real-time collaboration, approval management, split ownership and automated workflows.

Boost efficiency Free up your team’s time to focus on high-value tasks. Encourage collaboration across departments by giving them access to create and edit documents in real time, while speeding up the approval process by up to 50%. Store all your policies and procedures in one place and cut document management costs by up to 30%.


Say goodbye to inconsistent formatting, style and language. With Clausematch, you can make sure all company policies and procedures follow the same standards, have the same structure, look and feel, and are clear and easy to understand.


Streamline governance No more silos, no more drowning in a sea of documents. Clausematch enables teams to better manage compliance obligations by automating and streamlining policy and procedure review and approval processes across the whole organization. The use of metadata makes it much quicker and easier to find the right policies and procedures, and allows for more granular, standardized reporting across all documents. This will help you make sure all is in place, no deadlines are missed and all policies and procedures are up to date and adhere to compliance obligations.

Build trust, prove compliance Gain the confidence of the Board, show auditors, regulators and other stakeholders clear evidence that your organization is in control of its governance, policy and procedure management and compliance obligations, with Clausematch’s robust mapping capability, version control and full audit trail, down to a granular, paragraph level.

Key features

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A single source of truth Clausematch can host all your up-to-date, business-critical documents in a centralized repository. Draft, edit, review, approve, publish, refresh, or archive policies and procedures from one easy-to-access location. 
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Real-time collaboration With Clausematch, drafting, editing and approval processes happen seamlessly, in real time. The platform allows users to work on the same document, without the back and forth of emails and the risk of team members using different versions of the document.

Comprehensive audit trail

Our platform records every action, decision, and approval in real time, so you always know if a document was changed, when, by whom, and why, with full versioning history.

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Workflows and configuration Clausematch allows organizations to configure policy and procedure management workflow stages according to their specific needs, with automated alerts for individuals to complete tasks, such as review and approve updates. The platform also provides live reporting tools and dashboards, so you can report and be notified on the status of a document review.

How we help our customers manage their policies and procedures effectively

Our customers are companies of different sizes and profiles, who leverage Clausematch’s policy and procedure management platform to tackle multiple challenges in their businesses, including:

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Building policy and procedure management maturity to support growth through IPO, development of new products or geographical expansion

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Getting their policies and procedures ready for IPO

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Preparing the document pack for a banking license application

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Creating a standardized, streamlined and consistent policy and procedure framework across different geographies and business units

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Driving efficient policy and procedure management processes to free up time of their staff


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Cutting policy and procedure management
costs by 30%


“We are delighted to be working with Clausematch to enhance our policy management solution. They will be able to support us in managing the critical evolution of our policies and procedures as we continue to grow and expand.”

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Tanya Ziv Chief Compliance Officer

Streamline your policy and procedure management

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