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Our award-winning policy management, regulatory change management and compliance platform automates time-sucking tasks, organizes your data and makes collaboration and knowledge-sharing a breeze.

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Keep regulators and other stakeholders satisfied. From policy creation to dissemination and staff training, you'll have a clear audit trail to ensure you're compliant.


Whether you're implementing new rules, fixing compliance issues, launching new products, or expanding into new markets, Clausematch helps you adapt faster.


Cut compliance costs by 30%. Clausematch speeds up reviews, reduces approval times, eliminates duplication, and frees up your staff so they can focus on the big picture.

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Whether you're implementing new rules, fixing compliance issues, launching new products, or expanding into new markets, Clausematch helps you adapt faster.

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Regulatory Change Management

Implement new rules and regulations, without breaking a sweat. Find out what needs to change in your governance documents down to the paragraph, create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and review and publish updates from one location.

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Clausematch isn't only suitable for businesses. It's perfect for regulators too. Whether you're drafting new regulations, running consultations, or publishing final rules, our platform keeps things simple, digital and user-friendly for the industry.

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RegTech 100 by Planet Compliance
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Project Manager,

"Clausematch helped us tackle challenges which a major GRC vendor we worked with couldn't overcome. They were the perfect fit right off the bat. Partnering with them was a no-brainer."

Nicholas Melas,
Previously at Revolut

"Using Clausematch is key to solving difficult governance and risk management challenges at Revolut. It was quick and simple to integrate into our existing systems, and is helping us to build world-class risk management and regulatory compliance products that support our rapid growth. As a company, Clausematch is excellent to work with, and does a fantastic job responding to our needs and involving us in the development of their product.


"We couldn't have developed and launched our industry-first product, CodeWorks, without Clausematch's regulatory and technological expertise. We're delighted to have partnered with them, and think our relationship will help us achieve bigger and brighter things in future, even beyond the energy market."

Neil McGeachie, Managing Director of Barbican Group Operations Services

"Clausematch gets outstanding results, even in markets with entrenched processes. I'd encourage any insurance company to look at them. You'll very quickly realize how strong the value proposition is."

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