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“PensionBee is committed to transparency and high standards of corporate governance, and compliance automation is an important part of this. Clausematch has helped us organize our company policies in one place to make it as simple as possible for staff to find the information they need while providing a comprehensive audit trail. Streamlining our policy management has removed the need for manual reminders and repetitive admin tasks, freeing up the team to spend more time doing what they do best - helping our customers look forward to a happy retirement.”

Romi Savova,
CEO, PensionBee

“All of the materials we submit must go through a precise governance process. The regulators require applicants to demonstrate there has been robust challenge throughout the entire drafting process, and Clausematch gives us very clear and granular evidence that this happened and when. In particular, the versioning function is very useful. It provides a complete history of the document in the document itself. All the different versions are at the same link, in the same folder, and you know everyone is working on the correct material - it's hugely helpful."

Rupert Whitten,
Chief Operating Officer, Griffin

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